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 Whatever the material you want stored, it’s in good hands at Interstate Warehouse Services.  We routinely provide complete warehousing services for a wide variety of products, each with different storage and handling requirements.  Because we scrutinize the storage, handling and distribution needs of every material we are entrusted to protect, we have a low damage rate and a superlative delivery record.

Interstate Warehouse Services safeguards your products in up-to-date, environmentally-controlled facilities, with advanced fire protection systems.  Our high-tech smoke and fire detection system is tied to a central monitoring station which, in turn, is linked to local fire stations for 24-hour-a-day coverage.  Highly flammable products like paper goods are safe with us.

Paper products handled in our facilities include rolled paper, baled paper, toilet tissue, paper towels and cardboard boxes … and special forklift attachments, including baled and rolled paper clamps, are used to safely hoist and move them.

For the many fragile items we handle, our technicians employ a soft touch as well as special equipment.  In addition, we prep the aluminum cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic containers and other items prior to delivery – cleaning, replacing or repairing imperfect goods.  We are committed to presenting your customer with perfect ware every time, whether it’s pallets of aluminum cans, peanut butter or pallets of glass. 

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At Interstate Warehouse Services, we go the distance to provide total storage and distribution services.

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